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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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another member of president obama's cabinet announcing his resignation. kinsellas i will leave office in march. oversaw some of the most controversial aspects of the first term, including a moratorium on offshore drilling after the bp oil spill in 2010, an unprecedented shut down. despite losing the been six months later they continue to complain about the smoke -- slow pace of drilling permits. also approving the first offshore windfarm of the massachusetts. about the only controversial interior secretary. in 2007, former secretary garrett tim decided to renovate the 100 sq. ft. bathroom in his private office. according to new reports those changes cost $220,000. can you believe that? what cost so much? do you really want to know? two. gerri: thousand dollars worth of custom cabinetry, 1500 for wall
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panels, and $700 faucet. my favorite, up $3,500 for a measure. thanks for joining us. good to have you here. we'll see you right here tomorrow night. have a great evening. ♪ >> good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we begin tonight with the news that as many as seven american citizens have been captured by terrorists linked to al qaeda. the exact number has not been confirmed. it is now some 13 hours after the initial report that the hostage-taking. algerian authorities are in a standoff with the terrorists, a story we will be updating for you throughout this broadcast. president obama presented his gun-control proposals and a
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press conference that was moving, theatrical, and the study the use of power and its limits. the president offered his proposals in side 23 executive actions of gun-control in front of for schoolchildren in the presidents that had written him about gun-control. 10-round limit some magazines and universal background checks. a congress that at this hour seems unwilling in the unlikely to follow his lead. >> i am putting forward a specific set of proposals based on the work of joseph taskforce. in the days ahead and i intend to use whatever weight this office holds to make them a reality. lou: those executive boards include directive to the centers for disease control to study the causes of gun violence including at attorney-general to review
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individual cases to make certain those primitive from owning a gun bill slipped through the cracks. the launch of a national responsible gun ownership campaign, even corporate friends often nominated director of a alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. some of the proposals require congressional approval. in a $4 billion white house proposal sought help cut -- higher to 15,000 more police officers. the result bonds from congress, a decidedly less than responsive . senate majority leader harry reid said of the assault weapons ban, we will do what we thinking it through the house. for the house part, speaker responded by saying of the senate passes a bill, will look at it. the national rifle association responded to the president's announcement with the statement,
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attacking firearms and ignoring children is not a solution to the crisis we face as a nation, only honest law-abiding gun owners will be affected, and our children will remain vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy. despite the president's statement that today's event was all about protecting america's youth, there is little question that no one or any combination of his executive orders would do as much to protect schoolchildren as the nra proposal to place armed guards and all of our schools, a recommendation that most on the left and in the national media initially tried to who down. a proposal that elicited a skeptical response from the president himself, but which is now beginning brought up momentum. a new ad accuses the president of elite is hypocrisy on the issue. >> are the president's kids more important than yours?
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why is he skeptical about putting our security in our schools? his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools. mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he's just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security. lou: the white house responded by calling the nra cowardly. press secretary offering one of those obama rules as they like to call the say most americans agree that a president's children should not be used as pawns in a political fight. but to go so far as to make the safety of the president's children the subject of an attack and is repugnant and cowardly. well, obama rule number one. bad form to point out the president's children are protected by armed guards and appropriately so, but okay for the presidents to use other people's schoolchildren as props in his news conference in which he advocates a rollback of
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second amendment rights. our first guest says the president is using the tragedy to bolster an anti-gun agenda and that that is an affront to the second amendment. joining us tonight, the attorney general of the great state of texas. good to have you with this. let me first give your reaction, if i may, to the president's executive orders and as they are called, memoranda to deal with the issue of gun control. >> first of all, we always need to remember, the reason why this has come up is because some children have lost their lives. but as a parent, i have to tell you, the worst nightmare for any parent would be to get a phone call to say they your child has been shot at school. we always to win this country, need to do all we can to keep our children safe. however, that being said, it is said he sees some politicians, up and try to exploit frenzies like this to push their own
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aggressive ideological agenda, and in this case trying to limit people's second amendment rights. two quick points, and that is, as the white house staff has admitted themselves, obama's rules that he issued today and his calls for action in congress would not have prevented the shooting from taking place in connecticut. the second thing is that gun-control laws have consistently shown to not work. we had an assault gun ban in the united states. during that time the shooting took place at columbine. if anyone thinks it will stop, they're just wrong. lou: the issue of gun-control, now the president has changed the language and the advocates for gun-control have changed the language to talk about a campaign to stop gun violence
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rather than gun-control. what is your impression of the executive order? did you expect him to do more, reach farther? in any way do more to actually have an immediate impact? >> he wanted to do morph. he knew he had to rein in his overreach from executive authority in charge to put more on this on congress, which is exactly why use the appropriate word earlier when he called his political theater. this is nothing more the political theater for the president who is trying to act like he is doing something but in the end really not. the other point, the violence. we have had guns in this country since before the declaration of independence was written.
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we have had an escalation in violence in general over the past few decades. the one component of what the president talked about today that i felt was appropriate is the escalation of these violent video games that so many kids are able to watch. i'm proud that you plug in their the need to study that as well as violent movies so that we can begin to address some of the more realistic components of violence today. lou: mr. attorney general, and texas we talked with the superintendent of the "herald" texas school district, which teachers and others in this school are not only committed to my encouraged to arm themselves. should there be an emergency that would lead to tragedy, armed inter, for example. they have had tremendous success. the plano school district also understand the independent
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school district this week endorsing a plan that will cost several million dollars in which they're going to arm those who could protect those children, private security guards. is that -- do you think that is the son of the time the direction which rearing to see this country go? >> we're seeing this, panera legislative session that we are in the middle of mellon said a texas, and i believe an hour session ends that there will be some level of authorization by schools and by teachers on campus to be able to be armed, maybe not everyone campus, but some people on campus will be armed to insure greater safety and security. back to one of your room your comments and the points that were made in the introduction. why is it that some people in our society are entitled to be armed and protected but yet the white house seems to want to disarm others. if the president, of other officials, of movie stars and athletes get to have armed
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guards are -- armed guards around them, why can't people who are not of the elite class be entitled to arm themselves? the same thing goes for school. the same standards apply to everyone because we're dealing with the constitutional guarantee here. lou: crib at -- craigavon. always good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: our next guest says, allowing doctors to aspasia's whether they have guns in their homes is legally indefensible. starting the doctor into an agent of the federal government. peter johnson him up box these legal -- legal analyst. good to have you with this. that is precisely what the president is talking about doing >> with like this notion of having doctors ask people of whether they have guns in their home. what is the next step? was this part of obamacare to begin with? was as part of the plan by which the government becomes literally big brother peering into the
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hall saying, okay, tell me about yourself road and also tell me whether their is a beretta in your house. if you tell me that that i may have the obligation to report it to the federal government or face an economic or other disciplinary sanction. that is outrageous, and that is scary. lou: as you heard the attorney generals say, he had expected the president to go farther than he did today with his executive initiatives, whether they be memoranda or executive orders. tell what you? >> he has some understanding of the constitution, but the spirit of the executive orders is in derogation of the second amendment. let me do what i can to keep score and end humiliation and been a -- gun owners in america. let me say that they're people that we should be afraid of, that our children should be afraid of. i embrace the children today, with these other folks are not mindful of their interest.
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let me protect you from that. lou: effectively doing what he has become so practiced at end proficient at, demonizing his opposition, his rivals at the same time computing their motivations and simply dismissing their arguments. >> but this is the time for people thinking in the with the real issues are. and we know that there have been studies show, and i have real doubts about assault weapons, but the studies show that there is not increased violence over time in america, but let's look at all of the empirical evidence . a 2-week set a press conferences and press availability is does not make a serious study about the connection between guns and violence in this country. lou: that kind of process being called fact-finding, if it weren't so pathetic because of
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the purpose, laughable. >> it is laughable. there should be concerned about the second amendment. there should be concerned about people's ability to exercise their given rights under this constitution. but at the same time, the nra and other organizations have to act in a small way going forward . in a way that does not scare people. to say, these are the facts and this is what we're really concerned about in this country. lou: and it is unfortunate, as you say, that, perhaps, the national rifle association shows the way in which it did to point out the discrepancies between the administration's views about our children and their rights to protection then the necessity protecting the president's children. but nonetheless, the point is this, the national rifle association made one proposal to executive director, to put armed guards in our schools, which was, i mean, as president scoffed.
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just about everybody. then it took about one week before the facts came out that 23,000 schools in this country already have on guards. it is not an absurd idea. it is an appropriate and effective measure to take. now the president himself, although he could not bring himself to bear that he would say he would let those people in the schools to raise talking about lewd and to the same thing lou: as a father, a lawyer, someone who has advised schools and the criminal-justice system, governors and mayors in new york city, i agree with you. the point you made the top of the show is 100 percent correct. the president would not go there because it would say i am endorsing the powers of the second amendment, and it would not do it today. samarra you could save lives by doing that. save the children in the schools. have someone standing by to protect them against these kinds eventualities. lou: the president himself said today, this is all about protecting our children.
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as always much more on the president's assault on the second amendment. it is that. the chances that his proposals will make it out of congress, as we continue this ddbate and discussion through the broadcast. president obama wants congress to pass an assault weapons ban like the one in 1994. namely the democrats remember what also happened in 1994. we will take that up in tonight's "chalk talk." americans taken hostage in algeria. the president has nothing to say . fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst, a pulitzer prize-winning journalist judith miller joining us next.
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lou: americans digging us is as we reported, taken hostage by terrorists with ties to al qaeda in algeria. i want to turn quickly the wall street, gunstocks, important to point out today, rallying in the face of the president's gun-control announcements at his press conference today. the overall market now reacting in all. the dow down 24 points, s&p also up the nasdaq seven points trading on the big board if. smith and wesson famous for its revolvers in particular, but various firearms rallying five and 2/3 percent. cabalists, one of the largest
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gun retailers as well in the country, of 6 percent today. and the federal aviation administration with more bad news for boeing, grounding all 57 a seventh reminders now and service. the faa ordered comes after all the air fleets who were granted an after the latest incident in japan forcing the evacuation of the aircraft after smoke was detected. investors pushing the stock down $2.60 per share losing three and 1/3 percent on the date. apple reversing course. stocks moving higher, up more than 4%. gold down $0.70, closing at $16,803 per ounce. crew of $0.93. the treasury ten year. al qaeda link to terrorists holding dozens of foreigners hostage at the natural gas field in algeria into the number of americans. defense secretary leon panetta said earlier today that calling
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the situation in terrorist attack is appropriate. the militants, the terrorists, claiming they attacked and revenge because algeria allowed western jets to use their airspace to attack islamist fighters in neighboring mali. joining us now, pulitzer prize-winning journalist, fox is contributor judith miller, terrorism analyst. thank you both for being here. this grouping of hostages and terrorists right now are surrounded by the algerian military. we don't know what the situation is. we have had scant reports, and that is probably an overstatement as to the degree. what is, in your judgment moi the federal governor response. >> right now they have to depend eventually of special forces who are around the side at the
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moment the algerians are asking us to set back. everyone is sweating this see what happens. i think what this shows is how dangerous this region remains an hello war on terror must continue. lou: your point. >> well, who are these aggressors. the leader of this faction is an ally of al qaeda and also an ally of those who are fighting in mali and then those who actually attacked us in benghazi. my main point here is that we are discovering little by little bachmann that offshoots and whatever you call them, it's much bigger now than it was a couple of years ago, of course, since the killing. that is a very important matter to deal with. have to coordinate with the
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french, the arab moderate, the international community to deal with this issue and africa. lou: the group, it is powerful. how significant? why has the administration been basically so dismissive of al qaeda and al qaeda related groups like it? >> the administration's "we got them. we can come home. the effect of the matter is, the al qaeda factions that control half of mali, a company of 50 million people, 30,000 civilians have fled. now we see terrorism in algeria which up until now was very buttoned down and very much under control. so this, i agree, this is a major problem. political also for the administration which once this
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problem to go way. lou: is still don't know what happened in benghazi. some say a lack of response permits and encourages the kind of situation that we apparently now have with these hostages taken. secretary clinton is scheduled to testify next week before carter's. your thoughts as we conclude? >> one of the major problems is the inability to analyze well. they are all connected. different names and agendas and their three countries, but they can respond and other countries. the fact that we have not responded in libya, encouraged to do the same. that is where we need to rectify lou: thank you very much. up next, the president pushing congress to pass another assault weapons ban. in the "chalk talk" we will show you why, well, we may not be
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counting on this party for support. in the daubs forum tonight, answers on how to keep our children safe. the gun debate is next. the capital one cash rewards card
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♪ lou: even though gun-control is rated one of those problems this country faces, according to respondents of the latest gallup poll looking at the deficit and the economy and unemployment is far more important. public policy in washington. the president is going after our guns, unveiling the most sweeping set of gun-control proposals and nearly two decades here is this moments. the reason that there is so for the second amendment to prevail despite his assault. the decade-long assault weapons ban, which ran from 1994, it did
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not work. 1994 was a different year, by the way, then this year, 2013. and the political conditions are quite different because the reality of america is quite different. it is important to look back and think about the fact that in '94, the house, the senate, and the white house were all controlled by democrats. today republicans control just the house as the president likes to constantly remind us. back then president clinton pushed the assault weapons ban as part of a broader crime bill. it was not just an imperious and grabbed, but it was an important piece of legislation, and it was a different time. despite the prosperity, the american public was i refer action on crime in 1994, and this is why. the crime rate was double what it yesterday. think about this. there were almost 2 million violent crimes in 1994 which
7:31 pm
compares to in the most recent -- believe it or not it takes as long, the most recent numbers available are 2011, 2011. that is the latest data available. in 1994 there were 51 million fewer people in this country. a more prosperous times as well. 23,000 murders a year 23,000 compared to a 2011 just about 14,000. still too many, but 54 million more people. by the way, of those murders, overall in 1994, just above 15,500 of them, 43 of them were
7:32 pm
committed by firearms in '94. in 2011 the number 8,583. and even though the assault weapons ban passed in september that year in 1994, it was only two months later that it is argued that the democrats lost the majority because of their enthusiasm for the assault weapons ban. the american people reacted and reacted almost instantly in those of a term elections. in 1994 in the reaction to that assault weapons ban is likely vivid in the memories of senator reid to a perhaps the speaker as well. the speaker's spokesman said if the senate does pass an assault weapons ban the house will take a look at it, but if he does bring it up it would be the
7:33 pm
third time this year that the speaker would violate the rule requiring him to have at least 50 percent support from his or her own caucus before bringing legislation to the floor. to be clear, he faces an important source. should senator reid decide to send legislation his way, he has a very important ramifications, and it is important to decide just which party he is heading up because he is at the forefront of what is now a fight on taxes, spending, the size of government cut debt, and no gun-control. it appears to be a fight for the very soul of the republican party. the nra calls the president and its lead is typical. the president calls the nra cowardly. why does this argument matter? the "a-team" will be here to talk about the obama rule and
7:34 pm
why it matters a great deal. the interior secretary said to ride off into the sunset, but he leaves a luxurious legacy of government waste. ken salazar opulent washington legacy next. president obama dividing america again, this time over gun ownership and the second amendment. we will take it up in the form with a pro-gun advocate and the mother of a victim of the virginia tech shooting next.
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lou: president obama today signed 23 executive actions on gun-control. we are joined now by the director of communications for gun owners of america and the viejo organizer of the coalition to stop gun violence. her daughter was shot twice during the 2007 virginia tech
7:38 pm
massacre, and she survived. thank you both for being with us. i am going to begin, if i may, with you and your reaction to the president's actions today. did it satisfy you, the degree to which he asserted some effort to control guns in this country? >> i am behind the president's efforts to oust top gun violence in this country. i believe that we have an epidemic of violence in this country. there is a problem when it is more dangerous to be a preschooler in this country and a police officer. and with the carnage that these high-powered military rifles are doing to our children, you know, i know firsthand what happens. at virginia tech the shooter had a high-capacity magazine and was able to do a great deal of carnage. i got a phone call on the morning of april 16th. my daughter said to me, mommy, i've been shot.
7:39 pm
that was a horrible day, and a difficult situation for my family. i can only begin to speculate what those families in newtown, conn., laura, tucson, and other places are going through. we have got to do something about the gun violence that is visiting the poor on american families. lou: your thoughts? >> well, lori was just saying, it is more dangerous to be a preschooler, and commanded, it is. i had a son who drowned. the most difficult thing that my family and wife and i ever went through, but in fact, more children will drown and pulls than be illed by guns. my wife and i have not gone on national campaign to ban pools or access to them. that would be simply ludicrous, and yet there is an agenda to ban firearms, and we are seeing that coming from the president. we are seeing in all over the nation. up in new york, the governor up
7:40 pm
there is talking about confiscation being an option. i tell you, that is why it is imperative that these background registration checks not pass because every background check will give the framework for registration system, and you cannot call the state firearms without having registration. lou: go ahead. >> i'm not sure i quite understand about the registration and confiscation. at this point in time we are taking measures to stop the gun violence that is affecting the families in america. we understand, and i personally understand. my husband is a gun runner. all of the gun owners are talk to understand that the rhetoric around this conversation is just inflamed. no one is taking guns away. no one is taking away my right to own a firearm. what we're talking about is measures to keep guns from the hands of dangerous individuals. we need a thorough background check system.
7:41 pm
he was able to buy firearms that shot my daughter twice in the back of tte head, killed 27 students at virginia tech and five instructors on that college campus on a cold and snowy april morning. so we have to do something. we need to rely on people who are experts, have the conversation, and not go to the extremes. no one is taking my farm 08. >> it already happened. after new orleans they confiscated guns from people in new orleans. listen to what the governor of new york is saying. he is saying, confiscation as an option. and i will a lawmaker is saying, we need to take guns from people because they eventually get into the wrong hands. new york city has already confiscated firearms. they started registering long guns in the 1960's, promised they would never, but then under the mayor's administration, that is exactly what they did.
7:42 pm
they confiscated. they banned them first. the new york city papers reported that the police were going and taking guns from people. to say that it won't happen is just ignoring the fact that it already has happened. >> i think the subject at hand is up to protect children of america. what do you say to that mother who lost her 6-year-old daughter , 7-year-old son to march 30-year-old schoolteacher daughter. there is of violence problem in this country. it is systemic, coming from guns, it is -- we have to do a better job. background checks, who is getting them, how they are getting them, and the firepower. lou: let me ask you this question. lost in this conversation, our's is part of the larger national conversation right now. the fact that more people have been killed by hammers and clubs
7:43 pm
then by rifles and assault rifles. >> this president is as moved, as we all are, by the tragedy in newtown, the tragedy in virginia tech, of warwick, the list goes on. but the reality is that gun violence in this country can violent crime is now down by one-third from what it was in '94. that is all lost in the conversation. the second part that is lost in the conversation is virginia tech. shut your daughter and murdered others at virginia tech who is mentally ill. virginia tech it was clear that it was a horrible failure of security there. it was a horrible failure of communication by the
7:44 pm
administration and a horrible failure on the part of psychological, psychiatric professionals. it's a tragedy with broad implications. do you not agree with that? >> i do. it has broad implications, and in virginia we have worked on some of those issues, you know, getting mental health adjudications into the background check system. we need to use background checks on every sale. what good does it do if a person who has been adjudicated mentally ill is able to walk down the street -- lou: you used the word adjudicated. that is an entirely different proposition, and it is far too narrow to protect society and our children. lou: i agree with you. lou: i much prefer a different expression. >> we need to do a better job at keeping firearms from persons who are dangerously mentally ill .
7:45 pm
lou: i'm sorry to interrupt you. we have used up all the time, but you get the last word here. >> none of the proposals the president is proposing would have stopped what happened in connecticut. killed his victim, stole her firearms. nothing will stop a criminal from doing that. lou: thank you both for being here. come back so we can continue this discussion. >> sent you for having me. lou: appear tomorrow, leading attorneys. the president's gun-control actions and their legality and impact. author and economist, also among my guests. stay with us. the president's gun-control proposals next with the "a-team." ♪ this is $100,000.
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-- lou: president of the citizens crime commission in new york state, former president of the british campaign commanded is good to have you all year. genentech, fox is contributor for the first, the broadcast. let's begin with your reaction to the president. and i want to share with you the most prominent republican so far to respond in any detail to today's proposals by the president. your reaction. >> i was i really surprised by the executive orders, nor did i find it surprising that they did not say anything really contentious. if you wanted to pick on something that was going to have some trouble or of some reaction by people, i think it was the stuff that will have to go through congress, the renewal of the assault weapons ban, the band of high-capacity magazines are the issues that people will duke it out over. there are a lot of senate
7:50 pm
democrats. lou: based on what he said. >> exactly. we can't forget that. we always hear resistance by republicans. there will be a lot of resistance by democrats as well to these proposals. lou: image and we would have the most for a prominent republican responding. if we could, making matters worse is that president obama is, again, abusing his power by imposing his policies viejo executive fiat instead of allowing them to be debated in congress. your reaction to the senator? >> unfortunately not accurate. perfect executive order. the take away will be the executive vice. the president has said that this is an incredibly complex issue
7:51 pm
of gun violence and we need a broad ranging comprehensive solution. the most comprehensive approach we have had to get control since the 1968 can control act. that is an acknowledgement that we need to bring in all of the various sectors of government and society. gun owners and non gun owners to try and finally once and for all reduce the gun violence in this country. the nation is capable of that. we have every possibility. lou: i think congratulations are in order. i will extend them, though i disagree with the policies signed into law. playing a prominent role in moving that legislation to reality. congratulations in order. >> he was steadfastness, really terrific. lou: and he moved quickly. in your judgments is that going to be sufficient to reduce gun violence in the state of new york? >> it will help lot, but guns are unique. we have to have national action bake is illegal guns come from other states.
7:52 pm
lou: new york lives in its world pristine and pure the sullied by gun traffickers from other states. some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. >> and have been very successful in stopping criminals from buying guns illegally. but we do have states that have weakened control laws along the border and the guns come in from the states. we need national legislation here. lou: we will be right back in just moments. we will hear exactly how good that new law is in new york and whether or not it is the template for the nation. i say no. we will be right back. ♪ tsk
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lou: we are back with the "a-team" and secretary plan scheduled to testify next week, just as we have a number of americans being freed or soon will be in algeria taken in by al qaeda lead terrorists. your reaction to what has happened? this administration said effectively that al qaeda was done. it hardly seems so tonight. >> we know that it is not the man that the public reaction will be interesting because a lot of people have a very non interventionist approach. we really want the troops home. they don't really want us to involve so much. when american hostages are a play it changes the dynamic, and people are passionate about getting our been back and getting in there and taking some control. lou: the ability has been so greatly diminished. clearly there are remnants out there that are still active.
7:57 pm
>> certainly operating with the support of the is side or the acquiescence of the isi and pakistan. we have huge, huge challenges that the administration has to deal with, and that of the debt of up to it. >> they are certainly up there. call it whatever you want. their ability did carry a bigger tax to fund a tax has been degraded. lou: i think last -- less characterized as remnants then a diffuse, disparate, and not always organized group of elements. >> that can be more dangerous. >> look at mali now. they're beating the french army. lou: the hostage-taking in algeria, seeking leverage because of that conflict. we thank you all for being here. appreciated.
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that's it for us tonight. we appreciate you being with us. be with us tomorrow when it gets even better. good night from new york. ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ rth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? or double miles on every purchase, every day! have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake.
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